Castle Events will feature a new interactive exhibit of Life-Changing Products at its shows in Boston and Foxboro in 2018. The exhibit, curated by author Boyce Thompson, will showcase the most innovative products to hit the market in the coming year, some of them prototypes not yet available in stores.

The Life-Changing Products exhibit appeared at several of the largest American home shows in 2017. Thompson monitors crowd-funding campaigns, attends industry trade shows, and scours magazines and websites to identify bleeding-edge products that reimagine the way people live at home.

The exhibit will appear at the 68th New England Home Show, which will be held at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston from February 23-25, 2018; and The Home Show at Patriot Place, scheduled for Empower Field House in Foxboro on March 23-25, 2018. In addition to working with show-goers in the exhibit, Thompson will deliver seminars that explore key trends driving the do-it-yourself, remodeling, and new home markets.

Previous exhibits have featured air conditioners that sense how many people are in the room; ovens that see what you put inside them and cook accordingly; robots that take over mundane chores; smart grid appliances that know the best time to run; and deadbolts that monitor who is at the door. Show-goers get to test-drive the products in an interactive setting.

The exhibit generate significant media coverage. Thompson has appeared on morning television shows and in daily newspapers in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, San Jose, Grand Rapids, and Raleigh, among other markets. Exhibit coverage has appeared on websites run by The Associated Press, U.S. Today, Popular Science, MSN, and the Huffington Post.

Thompson is the founding editor of six magazines, including Residential Architect, Big Builder, Digital Home, and ProSales. For 17 years, he served as the editorial director of Builder magazine, which was named the best business publication in America in 2010 by the Association of Business Publication Editors. Thompson’s first book, The New New Home, published in 2014 by The Taunton Press, was named book of the year by the National Association of Real Estate Editors. His second book, Anatomy of a Great Home, will be published by Schiffer Publishing in late 2017.

The exhibit showcases the evolution of smart home products. Early smart home products typically only provided information. More recent additions take preventative action. The 2017 exhibit, for instance, included a revolutionary smart valve – developed in Israel by Triple+ and just rolling out in the United States – that closes when it senses water on the floor or gas in the air.

“It’s one thing to know that something is happening – that you left a window open, or that the hot water heater is leaking,” says Thompson. “It’s another, more important thing to be able to do something about it. That’s the way Internet of things products for the home are evolving.”

The 2017 exhibit also included the Gate deadbolt, one of the most eagerly awaited launches of 2017. Gate works like Uber, sending a picture of a repairman before they show up at the door. A camera in the deadbolt allows you to see who is at the door on a smartphone. “Then you can talk to them and let them in,” says Thompson.

The exhibit typically includes several products that debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of each year. The 2017 exhibit, for instance, included systems for tracking your sleep, checking in on the baby from a cellphone, automating your home with gesture controls, and monitoring the activity of elderly parents.

These Top 10 Products aren’t just new — they change the way we live at home.

Curated by author Boyce Thompson, you will not only see these products at the show, you can try them out, watch them work and see firsthand how these innovations are shaping new ways in which we live in our homes.

The future, it seems, is now. – by Boyce Thompson


Personal Robots That Take Over Household Chores

Moorebot. A new generation of personal robots aims mow the lawn, vacuum the floor, even read bedtime stories to your kids.


Smart Valves That Shut Off Gas and Water Leaks

Triple+. Cutting-edge sensors detect leaks and shut off gas and water valves, sending alerts to your smart phone.


Apps That Look After the Baby

Mimo. Sensors in your baby’s nighty monitor sleep, body position, and skin temperature.


Bots That Behave Like a Personal Assistant

Google. Inexpensive bots can answer tough questions and control home products and systems. Google Home takes advantage of Google Search capability, tells you about the day ahead, plays your favorite music through Built-in speakers and retrieves personal information such as reservations.


Super Strong Drywall That Can Hold a Television

CertainTeed. You can hang a TV or shelving from Habito drywall without using anchors or finding a stud behind the wall.


Batteries That Can Power Your Home

Aquion. Salt-water home batteries, coupled with solar panels, can free you from the utility power grid.


Sensors That Keep an Eye on Your Parents

GrandCare. Sensors attached to medicine cabinets and refrigerators connect to a tablet computer and tell you whether your parents are getting around the house.


A Door Lock That Guards Against Package Theft

Gate Labs. The new Gate deadbolt not only shows you who is at the door but you can talk to them and let them in.


Home Systems Controlled With the Wave of a Hand

Fibaro. Gesture-activated pads allow you to control products and systems without touching them.


Trackers That Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Beddit. A sleep tracker slips conveniently under your mattress to track your sleep time, heart rate, snoring, breathing, and exits.